(c) 2019 - Sterix

My name is Martin, aka Sterix. I write song lyrics and have done for the past thirty-odd years.

Recently I decided to branch out and try my hand at writing for other songwriters - especially those who may not have a flair for the written word.

I'm currently writing lyrics for a band who are producing their second album (I won't name them yet - don't want to put the mockers on the partnership!

Don't get put off with the "for hire" bit - I'm not actually in it for the money (yet!). I'm currently on a learning curve on working with other musicians - and it's a steep curve. All I ask is that any lyrics I write (or co-write) are rightfully attributed as such and that if - down the line - you do start to become rich and famous, you don't forget me!


I have a repository of several hundred song lyrics which those interested in hiring me can peruse. I am also a member of the Songwriter Forum where you can look at several of my lyrics (easiest way - go here).

- Regards, Sterix.

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